Industrial building for Sale in Naro

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  • TypologyIndustrial building
  • CityNaro
  • Energy efficiency
  • I.P.E.N.D.

Compendium of 3 warehouses with adjacent land for sale, located in Naro (AG), Piano D’Amato district. The property is located south-east of the Municipality, about 2 km from the center.Entering from the street there is a square used for parking; opposite on the left is the shed "A" with an adjoining building with two floors for offices. On the right there are 2 other warehouses named "B" and "C". At the bottom, on a higher level ground, there is the warehouse “D” (for sale as Lot 2 - Auction 11163).SHED A: built with columns in c.a.v. and beams in reinforced concrete prestressed. Foundations with plinths connected by beams in reinforced concrete. Coverage obtained by assembling beams and domes in fiber cement above.The building used as offices and custodian accommodation, has 2 floors above ground and was built with a reinforced concrete structure. with foundation beams from which the pillars rise which, at the level of the deck, form structural nodes with the horizontal beams. The finishes are the traditional ones.SHED B: composed of a building, indicated first as a shed and then as a warehouse. Supporting structure made with steel profiles type IPE or HEA connected by gable trusses. Foundations made with plates and log bolts immersed in plinths connected to their vaults by beams. Along the sides of the minor ones, in the ridge area there are some lights and also partially along the main sides where some lights have been realized in the middle of the longitudinal spans.SHED C: composed of a building. Load-bearing structure made of HEA-type steel profiles connected by single pitched trusses. Foundations made with plates and log bolts immersed in plinths connected to their vaults by beams. Along the walls there are insulated panels, with alternating spans; these panels have openings that ensure the necessary daylight lighting. Cover formed by insulated panels.The ownership of the pertinent land, adjacent to the buildings, complete the ownership.Overall, the property is in a fairly good state of conservation and is free.There are discrepancies as better clarified in the appraisal.The movable property inside is not the subject of this sale.Well described in the report as CESPITE 1 (sheds A, B and C).Total commercial area: 2,266 square metersShed A: 1,220 sq m and a maximum height of 7.60 mOffices: 54 sqm (x 2 floors) h 6.80 mShed B: 298 sqmShed C: 640 sqmParcel 323: 2.068 sqmParcel 58: 39 sqmFull ownership of:Sheds (CF): Sheet 200 - Particle 333 - Subaltern 1 - Cat D / 1Soil (CT): Sheet 200 - Particle 58 and 323Ruin building (CT): Sheet 200 - Particle 58. No value is attributed to this building.

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